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Creative Projects at BodMAXX

The community events, workshops and projects we run.

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Music Jam Night

Every Friday at 19:00

Calling all musicians, singers and rappers ...

Every week on a Friday evening, BodMAXX will host a Jam Night in collaboration with PolyRhythm. It’s completely free to attend and there is free instrument hire available too. It's a space for people of all ages and abilities from the community to just get together and share their love for music and express themselves: Whether that be sharing a song they’ve written, joining in on a group jam or chatting to other likeminded people. 

Just drop in to the space on the night or email for more information. 


Virtual Reality Drawing Studio

Every Monday: Drop in 16:00 - 18:00 
Or Wednesday mornings by appointment

Doodle, draw or scribble in Virtual Reality. Drawing in VR moves drawing from a 2D surface, like paper, into a 3D virtual space where the marks you make become 3D forms: Lines that you can move around and in. Its an incredible experience for people of any age or ability. For those who love to draw or people who have never drawn before.

Contact for more information and to book. 

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The Word : Creative Arts Workshops

Every Monday: Drop in 16:00 - 18:00
(Starting Monday 7th February)

We will be exploring a new word every week. Respond to this word through whatever art form you choose: Has the word inspired you to create a painting? Draw a picture? Write a poem or song? Make a short film? This relaxed session provides an opportunity for people to sit, chat and create with other friendly people. Try something new and express yourself through art. 

Contact to book and for more information. 

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'Skate Culture' Project

Drop in session every Tuesday 13:00 - 18:00

  • A pop up Skate Zone on the high st 

  • A space to develop ideas and celebrate the Skate Culture of Bodmin  

  • 1st of February to 19 March 2022

Skaters of Bodmin are invited to use, for one month, a large vacant shop on the High street of Bodmin (81b Fore St). You can use this space to explore ideas around the creativity and community of Skate Culture. There is also a large double window to exhibit creative works and the development of your ideas related to Skate Culture. What ideas do you have that you might like to develop?


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'Routes & Roots' Project

A map of Bodmin created by the people of Bodmin

We are creating an interactive map of Bodmin from audio recordings of people's lived experience of Bodmin. Your stories of:
- The Routes people took, throughout History, to get to Bodmin
- The ancestral Roots of people who live in Bodmin today
- Where people, from Bodmin, have spread out to all over the world

Want to be involved? Drop in Session:

Every Monday 12:00 - 13:00 

Contact or 07522776659

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'Strongest Bod' Project

A community strength competition

Greg is really interested in the history of Granite and it’s connection to Cornwall and it’s people. From this, a strength competition based around dragging a symbolic hunk of granite up a hill in the fastest time was born. By having fun and participating in a competition, it starts a dialogue about the history of granite within Cornwall. 

Strongest Bod has already had pop up installations and people have been contributing to how the competition should be held - setting up rules, creating boundaries, sharing ideas, problem solving, developing categories etc. Meaning this competition has been shaped by the Bodmin community. 

If you'd like to get involved in the creation of this competition, then email

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The Bodmin Halloween Parade

A free, community event in October 2021

This magical event was an opportunity for people to dress up, meet others and celebrate themselves as the seasons changed and we entered into the cold and dark months. People followed the Sun and Moon lanterns to the Beacon Monument where there was live music, fire, dance and theatrical performance. There was also a moment of fun community participation. 

It was the first time Bodmin had seen something like this and we had an amazing turn out of over 350 people.

We'd love to do it again this year but we need your help and support. If you'd like to get involved, offer feedback or join part of the organising committee then please contact 

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Halloween Costume and Lantern Making Workshops

Free, creative workshops in October 2021

An opportunity to make a funky costume or mask and create a lantern for the Bodmin Halloween Parade. It was free to attend and drop ins were welcome. These workshops were extremely popular with over 90 people dropping in to create something over the two days. If the Bodmin Halloween Parade happens again in 2022, we'd love to run these fun arts and craft workshops again too. If you want to make sure this happens, please contact


The BodMAXX Christmas Craft Fair

An event in December 2021

An opportunity for crafters and small local business owners to sell their goods at a community craft fair. There was a large range of beautiful handmade products available: From candles, skincare, clothing, macrame art, photography prints, crochet hats & toys, yummy treats and more. We hosted two markets in our large space on Fore Street. If you would like a regular market space in Bodmin, then please contact

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'The Three Wise Beings' Installation

A project in December 2021

Lighting up the high street of Bodmin over the Christmas festivities as part of the national Window Wanderland project. 

This collaboration between Bodmaxx, students from the FDA Digital Media course at Bodmin College and 3D Printing Cornwall, involved creating a multimedia installation on a theme of 'The 3 Wise Beings': building on the biblical story of the 3 Wise Men. The installation involved creating a magical winter forest laden with mysterious fruits and multimedia projections. The fruits were printed, in the window on a 3D printer, using plastic from recycled fishing nets. There is also an ongoing invitation to make suggestions of who are todays wise beings of the world and in Bodmin. These suggestions will be integrated into a video clip of wise beings. 


Drawing Workshops

Every Monday 16:00 - 18:00

A series of drawing workshops aimed at people who think they can’t draw. The workshops introduce people to the fundamental skills of drawing. Those that took part developed a confidence in their own style of drawing and began to understand that they could draw. Its just a question of putting aside preconceptions of what "good drawing' is and having a cup of tea whilst really looking intently at what you want to draw. 

A new series of workshops will begin on Monday evenings from 17:00 please book a place by emailing

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What would you like to see happen in Bodmin?

Projects? Events? Workshops?

All of the creative projects, events and workshops listed above have been born out of conversations with YOU, the Bodmin community. We want to hear your thoughts & ideas about the types of creative projects you'd like to participate in. Please contact if you'd like to have a chat with us or drop in to our 'Information' sessions in the space every Monday 12:00 - 13:00 and every Tuesday 13:00 - 14:00.

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